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Dopamine Nation - Anna Lembke

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All Around Us People Are Looking At Their Phones Too Much, Eating Too Much, Drinking Too Much. Our World İs Addicted To Fleeting Distracting Pleasures That Get Us Nowhere. Dr. Anna Lembke Provides A Clear Way Back To A Balanced Life.
This Book İs About Pleasure. It’s Also About Pain. Most İmportant, İt’s About How To Find The Delicate Balance Between The Two, And Why Now More Than Ever Finding Balance İs Essential. We’re Living İn A Time Of Unprecedented Access To High-Reward, High-Dopamine Stimuli: Drugs, Food, News, Gambling, Shopping, Gaming, Texting, Sexting, Facebooking, Instagramming, Youtubing, Tweeting . . . The İncreased Numbers, Variety, And Potency İs Staggering. The Smartphone İs The Modern-Day Hypodermic Needle, Delivering Digital Dopamine 24/7 For A Wired Generation. As Such We’ve All Become Vulnerable To Compulsive Overconsumption.
In Dopamine Nation, Dr. Anna Lembke, Psychiatrist And Author, Explores The Exciting New Scientific Discoveries That Explain Why The Relentless Pursuit Of Pleasure Leads To Pain . . . And What To Do About İt. Condensing Complex Neuroscience İnto Easy-To-Understand Metaphors, Lembke İllustrates How Finding Contentment And Connectedness Means Keeping Dopamine İn Check. The Lived Experiences Of Her Patients Are The Gripping Fabric Of Her Narrative. Their Riveting Stories Of Suffering And Redemption Give Us All Hope For Managing Our Consumption And Transforming Our Lives.
In Essence, Dopamine Nation Shows That The Secret To Finding Balance İs Combining The Science Of Desire With The Wisdom Of Recovery.
Boyut Normal Boy
Cilt Durumu Ciltsiz
Yazar Anna Lembke
Yayın Tarihi 2023
Sayfa Sayısı 304
Basım Dili İngilizce
Garanti Süresi (Ay) 1
Yurt Dışı Satış Yok
Stok Kodu HBCV00004S4EVY
Fiyat Satıcı Kargoya Veriliş Tarihi
Ekstra indirimli fiyat
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