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About Hepsiburada

As Hepsiburada, the leading e-commerce platform of Turkey and the surrounding region, we provide 50 million products in over 40 categories to our customers. We strive to meet the needs of 200+ million monthly visitors with our team connecting the Silicon Valley mindset with Grand Bazaar culture and blending data and experience.

As Hepsiburada of Turkey, we lead the development of the online shopping industry with our marketplace model that brings together tens of thousands of SMEs, with the region’s largest Intelligent Operation Centre, and with our state-of-the-art R&D Centre where we focus on the technological innovations to support improvement of the sector. With a customer experience-centric approach, we co-operate and co-invest in projects with leading companies in their respective fields. We continue to grow together with all our stakeholders through innovation and entrepreneurial spirit embedded in our DNA by our founder and chairwoman Hanzade Doğan Boyner, and spearhead the digital transformation in Turkey.

We are building a giant ecosystem that benefits all our stakeholders, together with our various companies and subsidiaries such as Hepsijet, our delivery company bringing an innovative perspective to the logistics industry, Hepsipay, our digital payment services provider; Hepsiexpress offering grocery delivery directly to the customer door at their desired times; HepsiAd, our advertisement platform for brands; Hepsiglobal, providing the opportunity to become a global player through e-export and many more to our stakeholders…

As a tech company, we focus on the transformative and constructive power of technology and contribute to social development, entrepreneurship, and innovation with our CSR initiatives. In this respect, through our ‘Technology Empowerment for Women Entrepreneurs’ program launched in May 2017.

Founded in 1998 and operating under the Hepsiburada brand since 2001, we are proud to become the largest e-commerce platform in Turkey and the surrounding region. We continue our investments and strive to achieve our goal to become the largest tech company ecosystem across a wide range of geographic area from the east of India to the west of Germany and to serve 1 billion prospective customers located in destinations within four hour flight from Istanbul, and we would like to thank our customers for trusting and supporting us on our journey.

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