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Journey Back Home (İngilizce)

Callisto Kitap
99,00 TL
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Journey Back Home (İngilizce)
A great and wonderful bird appeared before a flock of 3,000 birds and asked them if they would like to fly to the summit of the world’s greatest peak with him. Happily and excitedly they all said yes. All were eager to gaze out over the vast panorama of the entirety of the World. However, some of them got tired and went astray and some of them descended with hunger. Along the way, another saw his son, another his wife, another his mother and father, another a comfortable nest that was abandoned and so on.
Eventually, there were 10 or so birds left with only a few miles to go. But, thinking that the great and wonderful bird had given false promises, another birds, too, descended.
All but one landed at the top of the summit of the world’s highest peak and saw the entirety of the World. When he looked out, he understood the tremendous responsibility he now had. He, too, would have to guide others to this summit. He understood that arrival at this place meant returning to the world with the knowledge of the way and the duty to lead others to the center of existence. He was a guide bird anymore.
This story is belonged to Feriduddin-i Attar who is from Horasan and contemporary with Mevlana… It is said that  “ It’s unknown that at where and from whom the voice of a poet sets off it’s reaction.”
Somehow, this sound reaches to Mauro Martino who is a citizen of Canada but originally from Italy. Eventually he is a bird too, like Simurg… And one fine day, a Quran was presented to him. Inside The Holy Quran, it''s written that " We winded around everyone''s bird to the necks of themselves." And he began to search with that bird inside himself.
Along the way, he understood that flying does not require to have wings. Some people are caterpillar-natured. And they can not fly unless they evolve into butterfly.
A striking ‘Journey Back Home’ novel from admirer of Istanbul, Mauro (Mevlud) Martino.
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