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Five Months At Anzac - Joseph Lievesley Beeston

Platanus Publishing
232,90 TL
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“Our troops were ascending the hills through a dwarf scrub, just low enough to let us see the men’s heads, though sometimes we could only locate them by the glint of the bayonets in the sunshine. Everywhere they were pushing on in extended order, but many falling. The Turks appeared to have the range pretty accurately.

About mid-day our men seemed to be held up, the Turkish shrapnel appearing to be too much for them. It was now that there occurred what I think one of the finest incidents of the campaign. This was the landing of the Australian Artillery.

They got two of their guns ashore, and over very rough country dragged them up the hills with what looked like a hundred men to each. Up they went, through a wheat-field, covered and plastered with shrapnel, but with never a stop until the crest of the hill on the right was reached. Very little time was wasted in getting into action, and from this time it became evident that we were there to stay.”

Yayın Tarihi 2020
Yazar Joseph Lievesley Beeston
Cilt Durumu Ciltsiz
Sayfa Sayısı 77
Boyut Normal Boy
Basım Dili İngilizce
Yurt Dışı Satış Yok
Stok Kodu HBCV00000T0S0M
Fiyat Satıcı Kargoya Veriliş Tarihi
Ekstra indirimli fiyat
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